My first two weeks at school.

This year I have found playing the temple of 500 game good.  You have to try and get to the top of the temple by drawing out three playing cards and get as close to 500 as you can. The person who is the closest moves up the wall. It is lots of fun and I like playing it.  I have also done odd and even numbers and I was good at this. With big numbers you look at the last number to decide whether it is odd or even.  Place value to thousands I was able to do without using blocks.

I have done some sentence writing.  I come up with the ideas and Mrs Gilmore types it for me.

Another good thing was doing some art by Andria Beighton.  We had to sketch a flower and a pot on some white paper.  Then we got some coloured paper and cut the shapes out and glued them onto a black background.

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